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Rejuvine Life Sciences provides scientifically validated herbal formulations to enhance the quality of Life.

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Formulations Discovery

Rejuvine Life harnesses the potency of natural elements to develop products that enhance well-being and promote rejuvenation

Proprietary Novel Formulations.

Our herbal formulations at Rejuvine Life are carefully crafted to provide effective solutions for various health concerns, supporting a natural approach to wellness.

R&D Pharmaceuticals

With a commitment to scientific validation, Rejuvine Life ensures that its products meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and quality.

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Our Proprietary Novel Innovations

RLS is dedicated to ensuring the availability of products that adhere to stringent safety standards, demonstrate optimal efficacy, and remain accessible at affordable price points.

01 Skordo Plus

Skordo Plus, a patented and registered anti-diabetic capsule, stands as a testament to its unique formulation and scientific innovation, providing individuals with a trusted solution in managing diabetes effectively and safely.

02 Krewsano

Women’s bone health capsule is meticulously formulated with essential nutrients and minerals, offering comprehensive support for optimal bone strength, density, and overall skeletal well-being.

03 Ostasano

Women’s blood health capsule is thoughtfully crafted with a blend of key nutrients and natural ingredients, aiming to support healthy blood circulation, promote iron absorption, and maintain overall vitality.

A Glimse of our services

Rejuvine Life takes pride in delivering the best of our services, offering cutting-edge products with our innovative and novel formulations. With our expertise in pharmaceutical R&D and a commitment to strong investor relations, we strive to revolutionize the wellness industry and enhance the lives of our valued customers

Formulation Discovery

RLS develops its own unique formulations using conventional methods

R&D Pharmaceutical

We appreciate our capability in research and innovative solutions that benefits society to live longer and healthier.

Investor Relations

We are driven to create a better world through smart, sustainable herbal formulations

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Skordo Plus

Skordo plus, a patented and registered anti-diabetic capsule, stands as a testament to its unique formulation and scientific innovation, providing individuals with a trusted solution in managing diabetes effectively and safely.

Herbal Remedies

Plants are the sources of Drugs since time immemorial. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Chinese traditional medicine, and folk medicine of every country are well-established and proven for centuries to cure/prevent diseases. Even though awareness about herbal remedies are explored to a certain extent in recent years, this promising system of herbal medicines has not reached the whole world. The acceptance level is very less due to a lack of scientific validation.

We at RLS develop scientifically validated formulations with a defined mode of action, validated completely for the efficacy and safety of the developed formulations through preclinical and clinical studies.

Customer Feedback

See what our valued customers have to say about Rejuvine Life’s Transformative products and services

“My friend Patrick Onn, age 68, was in my house for dinner last night. He was proud to announce that his diabetic reading has dropped to a constant 6.2 with eating of anything that he like. He is ready to write you a testimony.”

Dato Davy Woo Malaysia

I have been a diabetic for 10 odd years and have tried many supplements. After the first few days of my body adjustment, my reading was stable with no wild fluctuations in my readings - one of my main worries and concern. The supplement is helping me in my sugar control. I now feel less trapped by my diabetic condition.

Lee Heng Mun Singapore

The pill has made my everyday life much more easier. Prior to this, my sugar level was above the dangerous limit of 350 and I was unsurprisingly upset about my health. It was a vicious cycle. However, after consuming this tablet I must tell you that my sugar level has gone down to safer levels and has once again rejuvenated my life.

Hemalatha Johnson Chennai, India

I started taking Skordo plus’ and it took about 60days before I started feeling much better especially the lethargic feeling with my diabetic condition and I believe the prescribed metformin Medication. Now I’m feeling so much better and active as I am in the process of weaning off my metformin medication and will completely transition to skordo plus along with lifestyle adjustments. This has been such a life altering process for me!!!…Thank You Skordo Plus

Ramesh Home Maker

As a long-time diabetic, I've struggled to find a medication that effectively manages my blood sugar levels without causing adverse side effects. Skordo Plus has exceeded my expectations and I'm happy

Jayshree Entrepreneur

Our Recovered Patients